DSI Time Series Platform Solution

IoT (Internet of Things) makes everyone and everything a sensor collection, emitting relentless streams of observations collected in time series databases*) for constant analytics that

  • deliver insights and competitive advantage to data-driven projects
  • promises to make our life more comfortable and more safe

Finally it is "time series analysis" that not only has made business cycles visible but that (hopefully) alerts your airline in due time about irregular sensor data in the planes' engine (predictive analysis).

Time Series Platform Systems

At DSI we provide the complete system environment to build your unique customized time series platform:

  • ready for analyzing metrics and events for developing and operating IoT applications
  • necessary to build next-generation applications: faster, easier and delivering real business value quickly

Time Series Platform Systems generates your

  • scalable and high available central time series databases
  • flexible interfaces for full automated/real time update procedures
  • powerful retrieval engines
  • personalized and automatically updated report generators
  • inbuilt or third party visualization tools (maps, tables, charts)
  • individually adjustable alerting routines
  • real time analytics incl. data predictions
  • embedding mobile devices
  • various export possibilities and
  • communicating routines
  • API interfaces for all further Big Data projects


  • World Bank's "World Development Indicators" time series displayed on a world map: World Development Indicators on a World Map. Indicators can be selected hierachically or by keyword search.
  • Example: practical App solution (iPhone, Android): World Population Statistics. Latest and historical population statistics for approx. 220 countries and regions, provided by the World Bank.
  • Example: Chapter of the Intra-Extra-EU Trade Statistics, compiled as time series database: Ceramic Articles, N.e.s.External trade of the EU member states based on single goods/group of goods - intra-/extra-EU trade, imports/exports, values/quantities/special units.
  • Have a look at our time series statistics platform AllThatStats at work, too(demo mode activated).

    Info: DSI's AllThatStats-Platform provides access to approx. 1000 Million time series from official statistical sources (e.g. World Bank, OECD, EU, EZB).

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All data generated and collected by observations (manually of by sensors) are finally time series in nature. Time series are observations combined with time and constitutes the core element of any analytical work.