AllThatStats provides direct access to approx. 65,000 databases with around 1,000 million time series from official sources. Regularly updated it's an unique repository of the world's most important statistical data collections.

One more thing: AllThatStats toolbox

  • extra fast retrieval tools (keyword search, hierarchical search, search by database)
  • Massive Data Analysis - running automated mass regressions within seconds, e.g. to track the latest data figures, to find more complete data histories, to check for alternative dimensions, to identify unknown data patterns, to document known/unknown correlations
  • powerful filter tools, supporting your selection work on database level
  • editable table and chart views
  • export functionality
  • tools for ad-hoc time series analyses
  • automated update notifications at database level
  • extensive online support by the implemented help centre
  • personalised watch lists for storing your retrieval work in reports -> recallable whenever updates are available and prepared to be implemented into automated work flows (e.g. linking an ATS report file to your Excel application to update your data sheets/presentations automatically when started)
  • incl. AllThatStatsNOW, the personalised cross-platform data access for communicating statistics directly via Twitter, Facebook or WhatsApp (extract statistical facts on the fly and share them in your social networks)
  • incl. AllThatStats App collection, your direct data access to important statistical themes via your mobile phone (National Account, Intra-Extra EU Trade, World Commodity Prices, Asylum, Housing Markets, Inflation)
  • My Account, your personal dashboard to manage/access your work (AllThatStats watch list -> your reports, AllThatStatsNOW -> your sheets, Massive Data Analysis -> results of your regression analyses)