Industry Reports Interactive

latest trends in the Intra-Extra-EU Trade statistics

Available reports:

  • Inorganic Chemicals (CN Chapter 28) Industry Reports Interactive
  • Organic Chemicals (CN Chapter 29) Industry Reports Interactive
  • Pharmaceutical Products (CN Chapter 30) Industry Reports Interactive
  • Plastics (CN Chapter 39) Industry Reports Interactive
  • Rubber (CN Chapter 40) Industry Reports Interactive

Get the flow of goods on a monthly basis between the EU Members themselves and the EU States and their trading partners worldwide on import, export and the resulting balance per product group.

The reports list all groups of goods and commodities covered in the corresponding chapter of the Combined Nomenclature and provide the development of the most current trade flows at a glance.

Trade statistics at a glance:

  • Trend of the values compared to the previous month
  • Trend in quantities compared with the previous month
  • Trend in prices compared with the previous month


Just one click away, the trend of the individual flows of goods is visualised as a chart: on a monthly basis for the preceding five months and on an annual basis from the year 2000 (where available).


All reports can be monitored at any time via app on the smartphone or accessed via desktop.


DSI’s app "Intra-Extra-EU Trade" offers a free report on the aggregated EU trade. The app is available for use on Android as well as on the iPhone in the respective App-Store.

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Note: Reports can also be compiled individually, even across various CN chapters.