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How long would it take you to turn this data into a chart?

Transforming CSV-tables into charts

Despite the availability of massive computing power at almost every desktop, transforming a short series of data into a chart quickly turns into a tormenting tour through the most diverse utilities/programming tools, and can often only be accomplished across departments with collegial support.

A monstrous effort for a small graphic, which however decides whether the story can be told to the end, whether it convinces the reader.

What is to do?

The solution is called NOW. NOW stands for "here and now at the touch of a button": immediate display of data in charts, immediate statistical standard calculations (conversion into indices, rates of change, forecasts).

NOW.CX managing statistical series

Presenting charts and tables

NOW transforms your time series into charts and gets your stories straight, ready to be published in articles, blogs or presentations. All functionalities can be controlled directly via touch screen. Newly uploaded or previously prepared data sheets can be presented immediately in the form of charts or tables.

NOW.CX presenting charts and tables


Data sheets are user defined time series collections.

Import new or load existing sheets from your private account for further action into NOW: make ad hoc calculations, generate charts and export them for publication.

Store data sheets for repetitive usage in your personal data library.

NOW.CX defines your own data sheets

AllThatStats DB (optional)

Access to the AllThatStats database

ATS DB provides access to +1.000 million latest statistical time series from official sources.

For AllThatStats licensees NOW is already connected to the AllthatStats Database (ATS DB).

NOW.CX interface and retrieval engine for AllThatStats


Switch back and forth between charts, motion views and tables

Chart view: various types

Motion view: animated time series data along the time axis

Table view: x->y y->x

NOW.CX tables, creating charts and running live presentations


Private (by default): all sheets classified as private are not accessible by third parties,

or unlock selected ones for the public: to be shared with the public within the NOW environment (read-only).

NOW.CX easy publishing


Export the displayed charts or tables for further external usage, e.g. publication works, more demanding calculations, or modellings.

Export functionalities are also provided directly on stage:

export sheets: sheets can be exported into Excel- or CSV-format

export charts: charts can be exported into SVG- or PNG-format

NOW.CX data export


Run statistical ad hoc analyses

NOW.CX data analyses

NOW.CX data analyses at the touch of a bottom


A quick overview of the latest data status. List of the most current values of all time series displayed on the stage.

NOW.CX data status


CHART TYPE: line, scatter, area, column, bar

TABLE TYPE: x-y axis vs. y-x axis

NOW.CX stage control


Time series description

List of all selected time series. Editing and deleting functionalities are also provided. ATS DB only: descriptions are extracted from the official classification plans. They are automatically optimised by grouping according to common themes (as far as possible).

NOW.CX time series description