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Data archives are provided on CD-ROM, DVD or USB-Stick (depending on the data volumes). All archives come with an AllThatStats reader to make the data available for offline usage.

International Statistical Yearbook

content International Statistical Yearbook order details ISY

The International Statistical Yearbook (ISY) is a unique knowledge base where users can discover and access socio-economic statistical data time series from across the world's economies.

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Data Coverage (contents may vary according to the publication policy of the source):

  • money, banking and finance
  • national account
  • population and social issues
  • employment and labour force
  • production and business activity
  • prices
  • balance of payments
  • foreign trade
  • industry statistics (ISIC level 2-4)
  • industry balance statistics (ISIC level 4)
  • information survey (EU)
  • transport (EU)
  • energy (EU)
  • regional data (EU)
  • national sources (US and Germany)

DSI Statistical Compendium - OECD Selection

content DSI Statistical Compendium - OECD Selection order details OSC

The OECD Selection (OSC) is the essential reference work for the economies of the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development).

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Data Coverage (contents may vary according to the publication policy of the source):

  • development and aid
  • general economic problems
  • economic indicators
  • national accounts and historical statistics
  • labour market and social issues
  • education
  • health
  • financial and fiscal affairs
  • industry, science and technology
  • foreign trade
  • agriculture
  • regional statistics

Eurostat Statistics

content Eurostat Statistics order details EU

The European Union's reference work in statistical information.

Eurostat Statistics - macro-economic data: an indispensible tool for any closer examination of the European markets.

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Data Coverage !!!contents may vary according to the publication policy of the source!!!

    Industry, trade and services
  • Structural business statistics
  • Short-term business statistics
  • Information society statistics
  • Postal services
  • Statistics on the production of manufactured goods
  • Tourism
    Agriculture, forestry and fisheries
  • Agri-environmental indicators
  • Forestry
  • Organic farming
  • Agriculture
  • Fisheries
    Environment and energy
  • Environment
  • Energy
    Population and social conditions
  • Youth
  • Crime and criminal justice
  • Education and training
  • Health
  • Labour market
  • Living conditions and welfare
  • Population
  • Inland waterways transport
  • Maritime transport
  • Air transport
  • Oil pipeline transport
  • Railway transport
  • Road transport
  • Regional transport statistics
  • Transport, volume and modal split
    Economy and finance
  • National accounts (including GDP)
  • Balance of payments - International transactions
  • Exchange rates
  • Government statistics
  • Interest rates
  • Monetary and other financial statistics
  • Prices
    General and regional statistics
  • Land cover and land use, landscape (LUCAS)
  • Regional statistics by NUTS classification
  • Urban audit
  • Non EU countries
  • Degree of urbanisation
  • European and national indicators for short-term analysis
  • Other sub-national statistics
  • Regional statistics by typology
    Science and technology
  • Career Development of Doctorate Holders
  • Community innovation survey
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Patent statistics
  • Human Resources in Science & Technology
  • High-tech industry and knowledge-intensive services
  • Research and development
    International trade
  • International trade data
  • International trade detailed data
    European Union Statistics - Tables on EU policy
  • Employment and Social Policy Indicators
  • -Overarching Portfolio
  • -Social Inclusion Portfolio
  • -Pensions Portfolio
    Sustainable Development indicators
  • Climate change and energy
  • Demographic changes
  • Socioeconomic development
  • Good governance
  • Global partnership
  • Natural resources
  • Sustainable consumption and production
  • Public health
  • Social inclusion
  • Sustainable transport
    Structural (Lisbon) indicators
    Macroeconomic imbalance procedure indicators
  • Complementary indicators
  • Auxiliary indicators
  • Current account balance
  • Real effective exchange rates
  • Export market
  • Financial sector
  • General government gross debt (EDP)
  • House price indices
  • Net international investment position
  • Labour cost
  • Private credit
  • Private debt
  • Unemployment
    Europe 2020 indicators
  • Headline indicators
    Euro indicators / PEEIs
  • Balance of payments
  • Business and consumer surveys
  • Consumer prices
  • International trade
  • Housing market statistics
  • Industry, trade and services
  • Labour market
  • Monetary and financial indicators
  • National accounts

DSI Global Environmental Database

content DSI Global Environmental Database order details GED

DSI Global Environmental Database (GED) is a unique knowledge base, filled up with important statistics on the environmental issues effecting our climate, our resources, our social communities.

This valuable knowledge base presents 1,200+ selected statistical indicators covering up to 280 countries and regions worldwide.

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Data Coverage (contents may vary according to the publication policy of the source):

  • elementary resources
  • natural resources
  • mineral resources
  • energy consumption
  • human resources
  • social conditions
  • waste
  • economic core indicators


content Statis-Bund

The statistical reference work on the German economies.

Statis-Bund offers the data collection of the German Federal Government (Statistisches Bundesamt, Wiesbaden) supplemented by the time series database of the German Federal Reserve Bank (Deutsche Bundesbank, Frankfurt)

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Data Coverage (contents may vary according to the publication policy of the source):

    Statistical Office
  • area
  • population
  • employment
  • elections
  • education
  • social benefits
  • health
  • justice
  • dwelling
  • environment
  • various economic sectors
  • external trade
  • business
  • craft
  • prices
  • earnings
  • incomes and consumption
  • public finance
  • national accounts
    Central Bank
  • external sector
  • banks and other financial institutions
  • enterprises and households
  • Euro-area aggregates
  • financial stability
  • money and capital markets
  • macroeconomic accounting systems
  • IMF related data
  • public finances in Germany