Statistical sightseeing through +1000 European cities

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Find interesting official numbers about your hometown or the next destination of your city trip, such as

  • how high are the average rents, the average household incomes
  • average prices for houses or apartments
  • or the average monthly income
  • what about the age structure?
  • crime
  • the labour market situation
  • number of swimming pools, public libraries or theatres
  • tourism data or
  • number of commuters (do more commute into the city every day than out?)
  • and how is the traffic shared between cars and public transport?
  • how strong is the local economy, what contribution do individual branches of the economy make?

Where does the data come from?

Cities and municipalities regularly report their data to the relevant state offices, from where they are compiled and harmonised for all municipalities in Europe at the European Statistical Office EUROSTAT. Harmonised in this context means that the data are collected or calculated as far as possible according to standardized rules (this may mean that the originally reported data have to be adjusted according to the rules in order to be comparable).

For interested municipalities

Make other exciting local data available to your citizens in Regio.Report, e.g. as part of a Smart City project!

Regio.Report or parts of it can be integrated into municipal information offers. This also applies vice versa: Supplementary municipal statistics can also be published via Regio.Report.

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