Global Environmental Database

DSIs Global Environmental Database, a unique knowledge base, filled up with some hard to find statistics on the environmental issues affecting our climate, our resources, our social communities.

This valuable knowlege base presents 1200+ up-to-date statistical time series indicators across up to 280 countries and regions worldwide.

The Global Environmental Database is supported by DSI's statistics platform AllThatStats, which has been optimized for retrieving big economic statistical online databases.

A data archive on CD-ROM has been produced once per year.

Data Coverage

I. Elementary Resources:
- atmosphere: air quality, climate
- water: quality/ pollution, reserves
- terrestrial/ soil: land use, fertilization, salinization

II. Natural Resources:
- food
- agriculture
- farming
- fishery
- forestry
- biodiversity

III. Mineral Resources:
- coal
- oil
- natural gas
- uranium

IV. Energy Consumption:
by sector
- coal
- natural gas
- oil
- charcoal
- biomass, wood, waste

V. Human Resources:
- population
- education
- skills

VI. Social Conditions:
- health
- sanitation
- poverty
- disasters (natural)

VII. Waste:
- hazardous
- ex-/ import

VIII. Economic Core Indicators:
- production
- trade
- exchange rates

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