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Eurostat Statistics - macroeconomic data: pdf-formated flyer

European Union’s official statistical database New Cronos statistics at your finger tips. Created for socio-economic research and political decision making inside the European Union, EUROSTAT STATISTICS is an indispensable tool for any closer examination of the European markets.

The European Union’s reference work in statistical information.

Themes in short

Industry, trade and services
- Structural business statistics
- Short-term business statistics
- Information society statistics
- Postal services
- Statistics on the production of manufactured goods
- Tourism

Agriculture, forestry and fisheries
- Agri-environmental indicators
- Forestry
- Organic farming
- Agriculture
- Fisheries

Environment and energy
- Environment
- Energy

Population and social conditions
- Youth
- Crime and criminal justice
- Education and training
- Health
- Labour market
- Living conditions and welfare
- Population

- Inland waterways transport
- Maritime transport
- Air transport
- Oil pipeline transport
- Railway transport
- Road transport
- Regional transport statistics
- Transport, volume and modal split

Economy and finance
- National accounts (including GDP)
- Balance of payments - International transactions
- Exchange rates
- Government statistics
- Interest rates
- Monetary and other financial statistics
- Prices

General and regional statistics
- Land cover and land use, landscape (LUCAS)
- Regional statistics by NUTS classification
- Urban audit
- Non EU countries
- Degree of urbanisation
- European and national indicators for short-term analysis
- Other sub-national statistics
- Regional statistics by typology

Science and technology
- Career Development of Doctorate Holders
- Community innovation survey
- Intellectual property rights
- Patent statistics
- Human Resources in Science & Technology
- High-tech industry and knowledge-intensive services
- Research and development

International trade
- International trade data
- International trade detailed data

European Union Statistics - Tables on EU policy
- Employment and Social Policy Indicators
— Overarching Portfolio
— Social Inclusion Portfolio
— Pensions Portfolio

Sustainable Development indicators
- Climate change and energy
- Demographic changes
- Socioeconomic development
- Good governance
- Global partnership
- Natural resources
- Sustainable consumption and production
- Public health
- Social inclusion
- Sustainable transport

Structural (Lisbon) indicators

Macroeconomic imbalance procedure indicators
- Complementary indicators
- Auxiliary indicators
- Current account balance
- Real effective exchange rates
- Export market
- Financial sector
- General government gross debt (EDP)
- House price indices
- Net international investment position
- Labour cost
- Private credit
- Private debt
- Unemployment

Europe 2020 indicators
- Headline indicators

Euro indicators / PEEIs
- Balance of payments
- Business and consumer surveys
- Consumer prices
- International trade
- Housing market statistics
- Industry, trade and services
- Labour market
- Monetary and financial indicators
- National accounts

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