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  • Solvency Check for selected EURO Countries
    Without a political union the financial markets will force the EURO-Countries into default.
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  • Are frogs threatened with extinction?
    The European Union imported +5,000 tonnes of frogs' legs in 2010. These correlates with 100 - 250 million individual frogs, mostly caught in the wilderness.
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  • Carbon Footprint Ranking 2010
    Basing on the tariff and statistical nomenclature of the EU Commission the level of transport induced carbon dioxide emissions was calculated for all 97 groups of products in Intra-Extra-EU Trade statistics.
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  • Inflation at a Glance
    Development of the GDP-Delators 2006 - 2012. Even EURO and US-Dollar are stable. In 2011 the OECD expects a depreciation of the nominal GDP of over 5% for India, Norway, Turkey, China and Chile only.
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  • China. Employment and Wages 2010
    Even in China, the bank employees are among the top earners.
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  • Ease of Doing Business Index
    World Bank Ranking 2010
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  • Polyamides 2010
    The documentation of a spectacular comeback after the great slump 2009: German Polyamide - External Trade Activities 2010
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  • Polyamides 2009
    The German production statistics plus external trade and transport induced carbon footprint figures in external trade flows 2009.
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