Example: How to automate your workflow with ATS

  • research all time series to be monitored regularly, once
  • store your selections as reports with your personal ATS watch list
  • keeps your time series/reports updated automatically by ATS watch list
  • simply recall/export your reports again, whenever needed or latest time series updates are available

Example: 100,000,000 regressions in seconds

  • scan for best series, e.g. to identify the most up-to-date GDP series within various statistical sources
  • search by data patterns to identify poorly documented or unknown time series
  • explore and discover new exciting economic correlations


Example: Communicate statistics with your mobile devices directly via Twitter, Facebook or WhatsApp

  • start your research at AllThatStatsNOW
  • by keyword search and basing on new innovative filter algorithms
  • create/edit and store your charts at your personal collection of sheets
  • share your work directly via your personal network

DSI research: Geospatial information - combining statistics and geographical data (free access)