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DSI Data Service & Information provides and operates statistical database platforms. We make them available for common information purposes, empirical studies, economic modelling and "Massive Data Analysis".

DSI Data Service & Information ramps up your internet of things by implementing statistical databases and bigdata platforms.

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provides an optimized access to latest statistical information:

  • "Big Sources": e.g. World Bank, IMF, UNIDO, OECD, EU Commission, Eurostat - Statistical Office of the EU, ECB
  • "Big Data": approx. 65.000 databases including 1+ billion time series and country tables
  • direct access to the latest data figures ready for implementation into economic models, scientific reports and presentations
  • web content from international organizations and research institutions, national statistical offices and central banks
  • search interfaces make the content available for all internal and external sources
  • tools for statistical ad-hoc-analyses and presentations in graphics and tables
  • indispensable for market and country analyses in economic research, politics and administration

Why AllthatStats

AllThatStats aggregates the world's most important statistical sources on a common platform equipped with multiple and powerful services:

  • its navigation is reduced-to-the-max to avoid time-consuming maneuvers
  • its content is available through an extra fast interface with simultaneous keyword search through all databases, operating on the entire collections of time series descriptions and classification plans
  • it provides a toolbox for ad-hoc statistical time series analysis
  • the time series can be exported into spreadsheets or transferred via e-mail or social networks
  • the time series can be edited and published in graphics in high print quality

In addition also the classic tree structure - sources, themes and databases - is provided. Ready to "drill down" at database level with a few clicks only.

AllthatStats databases

Direct access to the leading national and international time series databases from the most important official and semi official source, e.g. World Bank, IMF, UNIDO, OECD, European Commission, Eurostat, FED, ECB:

Of cause here you find all the classic databases such as e.g. OECD's "Main Economic Indicators" or World Bank's "World Development Indicators", but also e.g the complete external trade statistics from the OECD and the European Union (the last one supplemented by the carbon footprint figures induced by the corresponding import and export flows).

Last but not least there are big datasets offering even sub-national data: the regional statistics of the OECD and the European Union which aggregate detailed data figures at the level of provinces (NUTS 2), or counties and cities (NUTS 3).

AllthatStats data services

Access by default or configured custom-made:

  • 24/7: internet services around the clock every day of the year
  • up to date: automated data synchronisation with each data source
  • "customized": implementing custom-based databases into AllThatStats, incl. update and hosting services
  • controlled: ip based, self-acting login
  • variable: login by userid and password on request
  • combined: supplementary archival services (CD-/DVD-ROM)

AllthatStats retrieval

The enhancements of the AllThatStats search engine supports a fast and constructive retrieval, simultaneously across all “Big Sources” and beyond. The results are presented in up to three hit lists:

  • direct hits: list of single time series, extracted in milliseconds by keyword search (in each case added by its unique microchart)
  • database hits: presents relevant databases - alternatively also accessible via the integrated central search tree (by sources, themes, databases)
  • external hits: each query also browses through thousands of web sites from central banks and national statistical authorities and presents the results here

The AllThatStats search tree sorts all databases in a hierarchical order by sources and themes and guides to a specific database (database level).

At database level classification plans, methodological notes and powerful filter tools support the final selection work.

AllthatStats toolbox

Focussing on the further workflow the tools just offer those techniques which are mostly needed to finalize the previous selection successfully:

  • exporting: common formates (CSV, Excel, LaTeX) are ready to download the selection for immediate use e.g. in spreadsheets or models
  • visualising: direct presentation in graphs (lines, bars) or tables
  • sharing: pass the results to colleagues or social networks and allow direct access to the respective tables or graphs
  • analysing: ad-hoc calculations, e.g. lag, moving average, forecasts, differences or rates of change etc
  • publishing: generate tables and graphs in high quality for easy implementation into digital publishing works (supported formats: PDF, PNG, SVG and an "R-Snippet" incl. data file for R-enthusiasts)

AllthatStats licences

All AllThatStats licences are individually adapted to kind of usage (e.g. corporate, campus, single user) and the corresponding number of potential users.

Each licence (annual licence := 12 month from starting date) allows unlimited, ip controlled access, optionally completed by individual userid/ password access.

AllThatStats internet licences, download product information flyer: AllThatStats

  • AllThatStats
  • The Campus Solution (AllThatStats specially discounted offer for non-profit organisations, e.g. public libraries, universities and ministries)

For demo and licences visit AllThatStats homepage

In addition DSI offers a series of specially tailored "combined" titles not only via AllThatStats-Internet but incl. 1-2 archival CD-ROMs/-DVDs per year.

DSIs "combined" AllThatStats titles:

  • International Statistical Yearook AllThatStats
  • Statistical Compendium - OECD Selection AllThatStats
  • Eurostat Statistics AllThatStats
  • Statis-Bund AllThatStats
  • Global Environmental Database AllThatStats


World's statistics at a glance

AllThatStatsNOW provides a new platform specially designed for your day-to-day statistical communiques.

Participate in this sensational chart building 'machine'. It not only helps to visualise time series in seconds but also provides extra fast access to millions of official statistical time series, e.g. from the World Bank, OECD or Eurostat.

Communicate your work and share your final charts with friends and colleagues directly from the screen via Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp.

Explore AllThatStatsNOW now - learn more about this amazing and creative platform. Register as a guest and create your personal account free of charge:

  • Immediate access to millions of official statistical time series
  • Create great charts on the fly
  • - ready for publication and downloadable in high resolution formats
  • - easy to edit on scratch
  • - directly shareable on social networks
  • - filed at your personal AllThatStatsNOW chart collection
  • Export data sheets for external usage

Ready for bigdata (optional): Massive Data Analysis at ATS-NOW

Explore any data pattern of your choice to identify strong correlations. Discover unkown leading indicators, find strong hints that support your theses. Massive Data Analysis calculates approx. 800,000 correlations per request (running time approx. 3 hours).



Conceptual design and installation of statistical datenbases


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