Economic Facts & Forecasts


DSI's Economic Facts & Forecasts licences provide online access to more than one Billion economic data time series and countra tables from approx. 63.000 databases published by national and international official and semi official institutions.

Economic Facts & Forecasts is supported by the new browser engine, optimized for retrieving big economic statistical online databases.

Supported by

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DSI's new retrieval engine AllThatStats: the fastest and most powerful way to explore this unique knowledge base for data time series. triggers simultaneous retrievals by scanning millions of time series descriptions, classification plans, nomenclatures inside the knowlege base plus possibly relevant external web sites within milliseconds. queries identify databases and direct time series hits and guides to relevant external sources. provides a powerful toolbox for time series presentation, analysis and communication. supports data access by hierarchical breakdowns and provides fast near field scanners that supports filtering and identifying time series on the fly.

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